About Us

4 Corners Business Pvt Ltd is a Gurugram based enterprise and a prominent manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of premium quality products. Co-founded by highly experienced professionals and with young minds full of creativity, design knowledge, and experience, we thrive to create and deliver exceptional custom quality Leather and Non-Leather products with the greatest level of craftsmanship. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products that meet international standards. We are well known exporters, domestic wholesalers and online retailers offering a diverse choice of high-quality goods.

We excel in selecting and procuring the highest quality products and creating both hand-crafted and machine-made products for sale in India and around the world.

Abhishek Bhatt


Mr. Bhatt is a young, articulate, intelligent, and qualified professional with an MBA in marketing and IT and over 15 years of experience in sales and business development. He is also a certified exporter. His fascination for shoes, along with his understanding of the global markets and trends has prompted him to turn his passion into a profession. As a result, Abhishek chose to channel all of his expertise and creativity into doing what he loves the most, i.e., following his passion. He specialises in brand development and management, as well as design, sales, and communication for businesses and people. Abhishek believes in having the liberty to design his own exotic leathers, and thus, he founded this firm with the goal of establishing a full-fledged brand without sacrificing client pleasure. His sole wish is to be able to expand his brand internationally while being cost-effective.

Shariq Khan


Mr. Khan is a brilliant, eloquent, and considerate individual with more than 10 years of IT expertise in the shipping industry. While working for a German shipping company Hamburg Sud, Shariq’s quest to be able to provide the best agro products across the world led to the establishment of this company. Together with Mr. Bhatt, he embarked on a global adventure of luxury leather products and rice grains manufacturing and supply chain management. Himself an avid traveller, he has toured destinations where he could discover the top grade materials and deliver the best in the world to his clients. Mr. Khan is a voracious reader and an individual who values equality. A man of many talents, he is the fount of all knowledge on productivity, e-commerce and entrepreneurial innovation with no tolerance for mediocrity. An achiever with unshakable confidence, he keeps expanding his knowledge to maintain an edge in the highly competitive marketplace.

Quality is the cornerstone of any successful company

Our goal is to serve people from all four corners of the globe. Our quest to achieve the ideal blend of science and tradition is unending, as is our passion for creating an outstanding assortment of products for you.

We aim to ‘Grow Global’ and strengthen our international partnerships, becoming the first choice when it comes to quality, cutting-edge designs and affordable pricing. We are already catering to the Middle East and the European countries along with providing domestic wholesale services in India.

EST. 2021

Core Values


We are responsible for all that we do. 4Corners Business Pvt. Ltd. is responsible for all goods that are subject to quality and delivery commitments. By creating vegan leather items, we at 4corners Business Pvt. Ltd. assure that we do not cause any harm or risk to the environment

Customer is King

Our continued existence in the industry is dependent on the interests of our customers. We nurture long-term relationships by regularly discussing the needs of our partners and evolving our products accordingly. We retain a high degree of trust and loyalty with our partners and consumers.

Team Spirit

We work together with a common goal, collaborating with unity and integrity for a better output and with the belief that we are all equal

High ethical standards

We follow all applicable laws, rules, norms, and legal processes in the countries in which we operate. Quality is paramount to us, therefore we only manufacture and supply high-quality items to our customers. We believe in adhering to the highest quality and ethical standards across all components of our work


Our mission is to improve the quality of our products while also contributing to the economy


We strive to grow global and be a part of every house hold

Our Associations

We are a Make-in-India initiative and are MSME registered. The prompt delivery of our high-quality items is our USP. We aim to be your trusted partner and become your preferred one-stop shop for all leather and non-leather items, such as belts, wallets, and shoes. 

4 Corners Business Pvt. Ltd. Is registered with prestigious government organizations including:

Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority

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Council of Leather

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Federation of Indian Export Organisation

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Ministry of Micro,
Small &
Medium Enterprises

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We are well known exporters, domestic wholesalers and online retailers offering a diverse choice of high-quality goods.